Share Your Story


  • What genres am I looking for?

I am looking for narrative pieces from individuals who know the true meaning of survival due to their health struggles. I especially love stories that humanize individuals with a poorly understood illness. I want you to bring the reader into your life and explain things like when your symptoms first started to appear, what being diagnosed was like, and how you came to terms with it.

  • What am I NOT looking for?

Poetry, news articles, or fiction. As much as I love these genres, my readers want to read about your life directly. You can read an excellent example of what I am looking for here. Please no “how to’s” or listicles!

  • How long does your piece need to be?

Around 300-800 words is a good guideline.

  • What do you need to include?

Please send a few sentences about yourself in the third person, as well as a photo of yourself. You can include your social media links and website here. If you want to publish your piece anonymously, this is totally fine! Just be sure to let me know.

  • Do I have any tips for the piece I submit?

Yes! I recommend personal photos and subheadings. I will probably make some minor edits.

  • Does it pay?

Yes! I can pay $10 via Paypal for each blog post. It’s not much, but it’s all I can afford as a student. It’s extremely important for writers to get paid for their work, especially those of us in the chronic illness community who tend to find it harder to keep traditional jobs. If you’d like to help me afford to pay my contributors, please think about donating!

  • How do you submit your piece?

Fill out the contact form below. I look forward to hearing your unique story!

  • Do I accept pieces that have been previously published?

No. I used to do this, but it hurt my site’s ranking on Google. My posts can be labeled as spam if there are duplicate blog posts on multiple sites.

  • What if you want to write a general blog post about health and wellness or to promote your blog, vlog, or something else?

If you’d like to submit a general blog post, I will be happy to consider publishing it on Survival is a Talent, but I only pay for personal stories. For all other blog posts, I can only offer the opportunity to build your portfolio. If you already have an impressive portfolio, I suggest you a submit a personal story.

  • What if you want me to write a blog post to promote your blog or business and post it on Survival is a Talent?

That would be a sponsored blog post. I do those on a freelance basis. Examples of sponsored blog posts I’ve written before can be read here and here. If this is what you’re looking for, contact me below or email me at ablairpfiz@gmail.