I Will Not Be Your Monster

Stop using our illness as a plot device because you’re too lazy to think of something better.



My Life with Psychosis

*This is adapted from an essay I wrote in my final year of university on the ethics of media representation of minorities*

I want you to sit for, let’s say twenty seconds, before you read the rest of this post, and think of what you think a schizophrenic looks like. Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

If you and those close to you have never experienced schizophrenia, then you’ll probably find that the image you have in your head is quite different from mine. There’s a fair chance that you’ll see something like this:

the shining

This is the seventh top image on google images. I don’t know if you’ve seen The Shining, (if you haven’t, do it, it’s a great film), but I don’t recall Jack being stated to be schizophrenic at any point in the film. In fact, I seem to remember that there was a lot of ancient…

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