What Not To Do When Schoolwork Stresses You Out

I was sitting in my chair by the window working on my essay for American Lit when an ad popped up on my computer for Jittery Monks. You know, one of those websites that write your school paper for you. This semester is my first time being back in school since Spring of 2016, and even then, I didn’t have to write any papers. The last time I wrote a paper for a class was in 2014. I’ve had to take some time off for my mental health, but I wasn’t going to give up. I’m back in school, working, and in recovery. That doesn’t mean the stress doesn’t get to me, though.


Stress is the number one thing that causes me to relapse, and the deadlines were piling up. I started to panic. However, even as stressed as I was, I never considered clicking on that ad. Sure, I think it’s wrong to buy your paper online and pass it off as your own, but more than that, it was about not giving up. In the past, when I have dropped a class or quit a job, the feeling of failure is a thousand times worse than the stress ever was. The truth is that using a site like that to buy an essay will only make your stress levels worse.

From guilt to price, here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a paper from a custom essay writing site:

  1. Quality is NOT guaranteed. While the website may claim that all of their writers are native English speakers and that the paper will not be plagiarized, you just can’t know that for sure until you get the paper. And why take the chance?
  2. It’s not cheap! The price per page for a basic undergraduate essay can be as much as $89.00 per page. I don’t know about you, but I’m a broke college kid. Most college kids are. We don’t have the money to drop almost a hundred dollars on just one page of an essay.
  3. The paper may not even be delivered on time. There’s also always a chance the writer could cancel on you completely. What if they have an emergency? Are you supposed to pass their emergency off as your own? To be safe, you would have to have a backup paper, and if you’re doing that anyway, why not just turn your own paper in?
  4. If you are caught, you will definitely be expelled. Not only is it stated in every syllabus from every college course I’ve ever taken, it has been mentioned by my teachers often that plagiarism is not tolerated and neither is cheating. Why risk your academic career for one paper?
  5. If you buy your essays for class, you won’t get to know the class material as well. Part of the reasons essays are assigned is to help you analyze the class material. For example, my essay for American Literature helped me prepare for the midterm. If I had bought the essay instead of writing it, I wouldn’t have done as well on the midterm.
  6. Paper writing sites might sell “your paper” to other students. After they send you your paper and process your payment, you’re on your own. They can sell your paper to other students, or at the very least, use it as an example paper on their website. Your professors will be able to find your paper online easily. Then, you’ll get a zero and be expelled.
  7. You can’t just buy ONE essay. After you buy one essay for a class, you have to keep buying the essays, and the cost starts to add up. If you suddenly start writing your own, the teacher will notice the change in quality, tone, and voice. This will tip them off that you used an essay writing service, and you will get caught.
  8.  The worry and guilt could eat away at you. The fact of the matter is that turning in an essay written by anyone else other than yourself is cheating. If the guilt doesn’t eat away at you, the worry about getting caught will. If you don’t want to do the right thing because you don’t want to cheat, consider how it will affect your mental health. It’s just not worth it.


August B Pfizenmayer is the founder of Survival is a Talent. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and student. She studies creative writing, specializing in poetry and creative nonfiction. She loves sweets and warm weather. You can connect with her on LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.


14 thoughts on “What Not To Do When Schoolwork Stresses You Out

  1. Yeah using an essay writing service is so not worth the money spend or the trouble you could get into. Just give it your best effort and work as hard as you can and you will be fine. Also, great communication with your professors is key. Many will go out of their way to help you

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  2. Great for you that you did not fall to temptation. I always found it odd that people taking their masters courses would ask me to write papers for them (I love writing papers). I feel that if you cannot write a paper there are always other ways to get help

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