The Ultimate List of 65 Coping Skills

Coping skills are exactly what they sound like: skills to help you cope with stressful situations. They are one of the most important things to have in your mental wellness toolkit. Coping skills help us deal with life and all its challenges.

Here are 65 coping skills to think about using:


1. Take a walk.

2. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show.

3. Draw or paint a picture.

4. Take a relaxing bath.

5. Listen to music.

6. Cook your favorite meal.

7. Read a book or magazine.

8. Rip paper into small pieces.

9. Write a letter to someone you are angry with, and then rip it up.

10. Create a vision board.

11. Do a puzzle.

12. Play a video or computer game.

13. Rearrange your room.

14. Make a playlist for how you are feeling.


15. Make a list of the people you know you can always count on.

16. Do the dishes. (It will help you be mindful and not focus on any negative feelings).

17. Go to the park. Maybe even feed the ducks (just not bread!)

18. Hang out with a friend.

19. Go to the library and take a look around.

20. Write in your journal.

21. Clean your room.

22. Use essential oils.

23. Jump rope!

24. Try meditation.

25. Print and fill out this daily planner.

Black and White Journal Worksheet.jpg

26. Do an exercise video.

27. Do yoga with Adriene.

28. Make a list of your long-term goals.

29. Paint your nails (you can paint them clear if you don’t want a color!)

30. Let yourself cry.

31. Turn on the radio and sing along.

32. Make a list of everything you’re thankful for.

33. Watch a funny video.

34. Play a board game.

35. Plan out your meals for the week.

36. Pick out your outfit for tomorrow.

37. Check out this mental illness podcast (it’s my favorite!)

38. Take an art class.

39. Learn how to knit.

40. Smile even if you don’t feel like it.

41. Write a letter to your younger self.


42. Hug yourself.

43. Do breathing exercises.

44. Take nap if you are tired.

45. Go sit outside and look up at the sky.

46. Do jumping jacks.

47. Organize your closet.

48. Turn your phone off (if you can) and lose track of time.

49. Give someone a compliment and watch their face light up.

50. Write a thank-you note.

51. Draw a maze and then give it to someone else to solve it.

52. Do a word search or crossword.

53. Cut out some pictures from a magazine and tape them up in your room.

54. Start a scrapbook of your favorite memories.

55. Call a friend or family member.


56. Open the dictionary to a random page and try to incorporate that word into your vocabulary.

57. Play with a pet.

58. Go to a club meeting or start your own.

59. Light some scented candles and focus on the smell.

60. Work in the garden.

61. Mow the lawn.

62. Build a pillow fort.

63. Ride your bike or scooter.

64. Rearrange your bookshelf.

65. Build a house of toothpicks.


August Pfizenmayer is the founder of Survival is a Talent. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and student at the University of North Georgia. You can find her on TwitterLinkedInUpwork, and Instagram.


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