How to Survive Finals Week

Finals week is here! While I’m sending all my fellow students out there good vibes, I wanted to provide some practical ways to cope with the stress, as well.


Effective Time Management

Effective time-management is about prioritizing the most important tasks and putting aside enough time to get things done to achieve our goals. During finals, mismanaging time can lead to all-nighters, unfinished projects, and not enough time to study.

Make sure you take enough breaks, too. For example, rather than studying for hours and getting tired, you could take a break every 20 minutes to stretch. Taking breaks may even help you concentrate better. School anxiety is something we all experience at one time or another. Managing your time well can help keep it under control.

Practicing Self-Care

Prioritizing self-care may seem silly, but make sure to make time for yourself. Don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, bathe regularly, and relax. I tend to either forget or outright refuse to shower if I’m really busy. Not bathing only makes things worse, though. My hair becomes greasy, and my scalp gets itchy. Soon I feel gross and embarrassed by my appearance.

Instead of setting aside time to take a shower, I tell myself that other things are more important. However, when I take a deep breath and slow down, I always remember that bathing makes me feel better, refreshing my body and my mind. I especially love to take baths after a long day, relaxing in the hot water.


Putting Yourself First

Putting yourself first is apart of self-care, but it can be hard. When my parents ask me to take care of my little sister, it can be hard to say no even if I have a paper to write. Wanting to be there for our family members is normal, but your education, especially during finals week, should be your priority.

Whether it’s telling your boss you can’t come in for an extra shift or taking a rain-check on hanging out with your friends, learn to say “no.” For a full list of coping skills to help you get through this week, click here! I’ll be eating Nutter Butters and watching The Office in between studying. What are some of your coping skills to get through finals?


About the author:

August is the founder and editor of Survival is a Talent. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and student. She enjoys reading, writing, and sweets. You can connect with on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.




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