Writers With Mental Illness


mental illness and art
Art by Jessica Lavallee

Survival is a Talent is a blog founded by a writer and psychology student with schizoaffective disorder.

The mission is to:

  • Support emerging writers with mental illness (including neurodivergent writers)
  • Raise mental illness awareness and fight stigma through storytelling
  • Encourage the use of art, especially writing, as a coping skill for mental health struggles


Hi, I’m August Blair, the founder of Survival is a Talent.

I live with mental illness. I write about mental illness. As a neurodivergent and mentally ill writer, I have unique struggles and strengths. I created Survival is a Talent to talk about those parts of my life and support other emerging mentally ill writers.

Art is a coping skill for many individuals, including myself. It helps us express ourselves and cope with intense emotions. I started writing regularly around 14 or 15 when my mental illness first started seriously affecting my life. I always thought it was a coincidence until I realized that I instinctively used writing to cope with my symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. I have been in recovery for over a year, and writing has been my #1 coping skill. Over the years, writing has not only become a part of who I am but intrinsic to my health.

Writing is how I make sense of life. It is part of my identity. It is my calling. Click To Tweet

I created Survival is a Talent for those of us who live with mental illness and love to write. I wanted to support my fellow mentally ill writers and provide a place to share our stories and fight stigma.

Big thanks to Abby Whittredge, Daniel Watts, Emily Deibler, and Jessica Lavallee for supporting Survival is a Talent!