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August Blair – Freelance writer and blogger

Hi! I’m August. I’m a writer and mental illness advocate. Topics I tend to write about include mental illness, LGBT, and personal development.


I’ve been blogging since 2016. Much of the money I make blogging is through sponsored blog posts. Clients reach out to me after coming across my site, and I write a blog post that includes at least one link to their website or a link to download their app. I also write blog┬áposts for websites, usually in the mental health niche.

Freelance Writing

I started freelance copywriting in 2017 and did a bit of social media marketing at first, as well. As a freelance writer, I’ve written everything from clickbait to well-researched articles for small businesses that want to rank on Google. My specialty topics include lifestyle, mental health, personal improvement, and writing. I’m proficient in SEO and understand the importance of high-quality photos, backlinks, sub-headings, and the like. Examples of sponsored blog posts can be read here and here. I also interned as a content writer.

Sponsored Blog Post Details:

-Includes at least 1 link of client’s choice

-Published on Survival is a Talent

-Includes high-quality royalty-free photos

-At least 300 words

(sponsored blog posts are subject to minor edits here and there after publishing to keep up with SEO trends)

Copywriting Services I offer:

-Web copy

-Blog posts





Formal Print Publications:


Online Publications:

The Mighty

Voices of Mental Health – Contributing Writer

Your Happy Place – Contributing Writer

Betty’s Battleground – Guest Blogger

Defying Shadows – Contributing Writer (2016)

Featured On:

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The i’Mpossible Show


Silver Key from SCAD for Creative Writing Portfolio

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Blogger Recognition Award

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