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9 Mental Health Christmas Gifts Your Friends Need

Happy December! With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to put together a list of mental health Christmas gifts that support the mental health community. Whether stories, jewelry, paintings, or accessories, these gifts raise mental health awareness. These products are made by individuals who are hoping to change the way society discusses mental health.

These mental health Christmas gifts are unique items that your friends and family will remember. Not only that, these gifts directly support the mental health community. None of these gifts are expensive, and they are all made with love.

9 Holiday Gifts To Support The Mental Health Community:

mental health christmas gifts

1. All For One: A gender-bent take on The Three Musketeers

All for One: A gender-bent retelling of The Three Musketeers is a novel by Sophia Beaumont. The novel follows protagonist Louise Drapeau as she bans together with her three friends to save the queen and keep neutral Quebec out of the Civil War raging just a few hundred miles south. Beaumont is a YA urban fantasy and steampunk author and avid knitter. Knitting, textiles, and their impact on the mental health community frequently pop up in her books.

mental health christmas gifts

2. Handmade jewelry for mental health

Jessica sells handmade jewelry at HoneyBee Alley to remind others they’re not alone. Wearing jewelry made by someone who has gone through similar mental health struggles can be comforting. Jessica’s jewelry would make great mental health Christmas gifts for your friends and family because they not only lovely gifts but meaningful, as well.

mental health gifts

3. Schizophrenic.NYC accessories, clothes, and prints

Schizophrenic.NYC is a mental health clothing line created by Michelle Hammer. Hammer is “a schizophrenic New Yorker who wants to make a difference in the way the mentally ill homeless are treated in NYC [and] change the way New Yorkers feel about mental illness.” The tote bag I ordered came with a handwritten thank-you note. I love it because it reminds me that there are people out there who experience life the way I do. It makes me feel like I DO belong here, depsite society’s stigma.

mental health christmas gifts

4. Dove Keeper By Emily Deibler

Based on the true historical events of Deibler’s ancestors, Dove Keeper is a gothic horror novel that explores themes of trauma and LGBT. It follows the life of a lonely executioner’s daughter Marcy. When Marcy latches onto a new friend, she has no idea what horrors await in the depths of the home she enters. Deibler is a horror and fantasy author whose writing explores mental health and feminism.

mental health christmas gifts

5. The Mad Fish Market handmade charms, accessories, bags, and more

The Mad Fish Market is an Etsy shop created by a writer and “possible elf” who lives with ADHD & chronic pain. She sells handmade items from vintage and reclaimed materials. I love the unique charms and pastel colors available. I’ve been trying to make charms myself, but I’m not the best!!! These are so cute, and they’re on my wishlist!

mental health christmas gifts

6. Abstract art by Jessica Lavallee

Lavalle is an artist with schizophrenia who lives in Oklahoma. Her art is actually the cover photo for Writers With Mental Illness. She uses her experiences with schizophrenia to fuel her creativity, hoping to help create awareness and promote positivity in regards to mental health. I bought a laptop sleeve from her over a year ago, and it is still one of my favorite things ever. I love the way she uses intense colors and busy designs.

schizophrenic art

7. Mental health book subscription

I started The Writers With Mental Illness Book Service recently! I wanted to spread mental illness awareness and support authors with mental illness. By pledging $6 a month, patrons receive one surprise book in the mail a month that is either written by an author with a mental illness or contains themes of mental illness or mental health. This subscription service would be a great gift because it keeps giving all year long! You can cancel your subscription anytime, too. To learn more, click here.

mental health books


8. #Therapyiscool tote bag

#Therapyiscool is a mental health action campaign founded by Dr. Christina Iglesia, a clinical psychologist. Iglesia created the campaign “to encourage authentic conversations about mental health.” The campaign provides funds for mental health treatment. I love the message behind this campaign and (if you know me then you know), I’m a sucker for tote bags! This bag is one of many unique mental health Christmas gifts on this list that encourages the open discussion of mental health.


9. Mental health Christmas gifts from our online shop

I come from a family of artists. Even though it was hard (and still is sometimes), I started to talk openly about my mental health in 2016. My family was unsure about it at first, but they have grown to be supportive, and I deeply appreciate it. To help support Writers With Mental Illness, I sell some of my family members’ art online. There are many designs to choose from that would make a perfect mental health Christmas gift! If you’d like to take a peek, look here!

mental health christmas gifts

neurodivergent writersAbout The Author:

August Blair is the blogger behind Writers With Mental Illness. She is a freelance writer and student. She is passionate about writing and psychology. She studies at The University of North Georgia. You can find her writing online and in print. Connect with her on Instagram and Goodreads.

As a way to keep this blog afloat, Writers With Mental Illness has affiliates and publishes sponsored blog posts for which compensation is received. All sponsored blog posts are clearly categorized as “sponsored.” Any affiliate links are recommended because they are products that are genuinely believed to be helpful.

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