Writers With Mental Illness

Self-Care Challenge 1: Personal Hygiene

self care hygiene

Health Storylines has chosen me to be a brand ambassador for their Self Care Challenge initiative! Being a brand ambassador means that I will be posting self-care challenges. I’m super excited about this first challenge because it’s all about personal hygiene! To follow along with me, make sure to set up a free account with…

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6 Chilling Mental Illness Artworks

mental illness artwork

Sometimes words aren’t enough. As a writer with a mental illness, I know this truth well. It is frustrating trying to shrink my vague feelings into words. How many times can I describe depression as a deep dark hole? How many times can I refer to my anxiety as pins and needles? Even those words…

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How My Mental Illness Fuels Me To Help Others

I’ve been suffering from depression for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t truly diagnosed until I was nineteen and in college (where I could get free counseling). But I knew something was up for a while. Looking back, I recall being about five and bursting into tears seemingly out of nowhere. I asked…

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20 Tips For Dealing With Winter Blues

winter blues

Winter blues is defined by “a feeling of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold and darkness of winter.” [1] While the most known cause for winter blues is lack of daylight, there can be other factors that might be making you feel depressed. The lack of sunlight might not even be the main cause. The article Surprising Causes of Winter Depression lists the…

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Reminder: Depression Is REAL

finding happiness

It’s easy to say that someone has “the blues” or they are just “lazy,” letting the world pass them by. It’s easy to look at that person from the outside and think they lay in bed all day because they just don’t want to do anything. They let the dishes pile up because they don’t…

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Navigating Anger And Guilt With A Spinal Meningioma

spinal meningioma

My boyfriend and I first met in college through mutual friends. At the time, I was still living a normal life despite being diagnosed at five years old with an extremely rare tumor called a spinal meningioma. I had already racked up three surgeries but other than a slightly odd walk, I looked like an average college student. A student who maybe sprained her ankle.…

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How To Overcome Depression Relapse

dark blue and white waves

Depression Doesn’t Always Look Like You Might Think I have anxiety and mild depression. I am not like the stereotypical person with mental illness. I come across as fearless and carefree. I am happy and motivated. I am high-functioning. But I wasn’t always like this. I did have a rough past. I was diagnosed with…

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Being A Caregiver With Fibromyalgia & Depression

domestic violence lgbt

It was easy to hide the pain of fibromyalgia when I worked full time and was constantly on the go. Hide the limp, hide the grimace, fake the smile, and no one knew how badly I physically hurt. These actions also hid how badly I mentally hurt too. The feelings of despair and failure that…

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What Is Depression And Psychosis?

300 million people worldwide suffer from a depressive disorder, including major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar disorder, according to The World Health Organization. It’s a crippling mental illness that is one of the leading causes of disability. It wasn’t really a surprise to find out I had depression. I’d had symptoms since I was…

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