Writers With Mental Illness

Next Steps After A Mental Illness Diagnosis

next steps after a mental illness diagnosis

The act of sitting in a psychiatrist’s office is terrifying in and of itself. Receiving a mental illness diagnosis just makes it worse. What am I doing here? You might think. How did I get here? Admitting that you are struggling is only the first step. Once you get the courage to speak up (and please…

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10 Must-See Movies About Mental Illness

mental illness movies

Movies about mental illness educate and help fight stigma (if they depict it respectfully and accurately). I sort of having a running list in my mind of movies about mental illness. When I’m feeling extra alone in my symptoms, I pick one of the movies to remind myself that I am not alone. On top…

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Inside My Life With An Eating Disorder

eating disorder stories

My Eating Disorder & OCD I read the headline of an article that pretty much said, “How Can Someone Obsessed With Food Be Anorexic?”  I am now recovering from my eating disorder, and I can tell you that I was and still am OBSESSED with food.  When I got down to my lowest weight, all…

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