What You Should Know About Schizophrenia

I am open about my diagnosis, but that doesn’t mean it’s not awkward. It doesn’t mean I don’t wonder if people feel bad for me or think “Wow she’s pathetic.”

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I Will Not Be Your Monster

Originally posted on My Life with Psychosis:
*This is adapted from an essay I wrote in my final year of university on the ethics of media representation of minorities* I want you to sit for, let’s say twenty seconds, before you read the rest of this post, and think of what you think a schizophrenic…

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How I Transformed My Life Like A Boss

I knew that I wasn’t going to survive, unless I pressed my fingers to the piano keys and turned my suffering into something meaningful. I found a purpose for my pain, and I found myself in the process.

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4 Books That Saved My Life

I was in Barnes and Noble, looking for a book to take me far away from my teenage angst. This book did not exactly take me away from it, rather it plunged me further inside myself, deep enough to bring my pain and confusion to light.

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When Diagnosis is a Relief

A small voice in the back of my mind, a voice I have learned to listen to told me to keep searching for answers.

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