Writers With Mental Illness

When Anxiety Turns To Anger

anxiety and anger

I am an anxious person. I am an angry person. Every time I drive I find myself screeching against the windows, pounding the wheel under my white knuckles as I hurl expletives and my eyes bulge out of my head. Somehow, perversely, my anger is fuller when other people are in the car. My fury…

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How Domestic Violence Kept Me From Coming Out

domestic violence lgbt

I remember the first time a pretty girl kissed me. We were both on ecstasy at a rave. She had shiny bleached hair, so over-treated it was silver, and it fell perfectly straight just to her jawline. I thought she looked like a model or a pop star, and I couldn’t believe she wanted to…

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What Is Depression And Psychosis?

300 million people worldwide suffer from a depressive disorder, including major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and bipolar disorder, according to The World Health Organization. It’s a crippling mental illness that is one of the leading causes of disability. It wasn’t really a surprise to find out I had depression. I’d had symptoms since I was…

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Driving Anxiety: The Constant Speed Of Discomfort

driving anxiety

I still hate driving. It’s been this way for a while now- my left hand gripping the steering wheel, my right fumbling through radio stations in the dark as the streetlights on either side stretch out to my car, pulling me forward. The night sky through my sunroof is so much prettier than the dirt…

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Inside My Life With An Eating Disorder


My Eating Disorder & OCD I read the headline of an article that pretty much said, “How Can Someone Obsessed With Food Be Anorexic?”  I am now recovering from my eating disorder, and I can tell you that I was and still am OBSESSED with food.  When I got down to below 90 pounds, all…

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LGBT Mental Health: What It’s Like Coming Out

bisexual pride

They ask, “What was it like coming out?”  I ask, “Which time?” The first time, I was twelve. I tried to tell my mother I was bisexual and she sat me down and told me I was “too young.” She said that I could be gay or straight, but that I could not be bisexual because…

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How Travel Freed My Caged Body and Mind

chronic illness and traveling

All chronic illness sufferers know the heart-wrenching impact of watching the person they once were fade into oblivion. As your symptoms take hold of your body and mind, simple pleasures that you once enjoyed can become completely unachievable. As a child, there was no stopping me. There wasn’t a sports team, dance club, or outdoor…

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