Writers With Mental Illness

Submit Your Book

Submit Your Book:

If you have a mental illness, brain illness, identify as neurodivergent, or a character in your book does, we’d love for you to submit your book to the Writers With Mental Illness Book Club. It could be a great way to get engaged readers interested in your book and build a fan base. If your book is chosen, you have the opportunity to participate in the Facebook group and/or Goodreads discussion and connect with readers by sharing your writing process, responding to comments, and the like. The more effort you put into the book club, the more beneficial it is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it really free?

Yes! It doesn’t come without some effort and communication on your part, though. I encourage you to participate in the Facebook group and/or the Goodreads group, but it is not required at all. If you feel inclined to help out in some way, I would love if you’d consider signing up for the $1 tier of Patreon, which helps me keep the book club afloat!

  • Are you interested in any particular genres or authors?

All genres are welcome! We get a lot of memoirs and poetry, so we’d love some more variety. Authors of color and members of the LGBTQIA+ community are encouraged to submit.

  • How do I submit my book?

Fill out the contact form below! Also, make sure your book has a physical and an eBook version.

Recommend A Book:

If you have a book recommendation to add to our online book club, please reach out! The goal is to send out mental illness books that readers will love. Help us do that by recommending books that touched your heart or changed your perspective. There are many books that don’t get mental illness right. Even authors with mental illness sometimes accidentally glamorize mental illness or stigmatize it. Those books that do get it right can be life-changing for struggling readers with mental illness. The goal is to send out books like these.

You can sign up for the book club now on Patreon. At any time, patrons have the ability to cancel their subscription.

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