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8 Healing Crystals For Writers Block

The jury is still out on whether or not crystals work. That is to say that some argue for and some argue against. Like pretty much everything else, there are those who are vehemently against them and those who understand they’re a harmless hobby that can enrich the lives of writers. It doesn’t really matter to me whether crystals for writers “work.” I like the way they look, and the placebo effect is enough for me. Crystals are by no means a replacement for medication or therapy. They are a hobby and a coping skill like yoga or writing. Like me, a lot of writers enjoy them, so I put together a list of my favorite crystals for writers.

8 healing crystals for writers block

8 Healing Crystals For Writers Block

  1. Carnelian is usually a red-orange color that ranges from salmon to rust. It’s common and very hard. It helps with courage, creativity, follow through on ideas, memory, optimism, patience, ambition. Carnelian can help memorists access their memories and pour them onto the page, while also stimulating creativity.
  2. Amethyst is usually purple and very common. It helps with courage, awareness, and release of rigidity. Amethyst is one of the more well-known crystals for writers. It also helps with headaches, which many writers suffer from.
  3. Howlite is white with black threads. It is the “artist’s stone.” It helps with inspiration, artistic expression, communication, and creativity. It also helps with stress, so it’s a great stone to get out when you’re feeling stressed and uninspired.
  4. Garnet is a common stone of red, pink, or purple. It helps with lower back pain, commitment, communication, courage, and creativity. Garnet is great for balancing passion with responsibility.
  5. Moonstone is a common stone that can be blue, green, pink, or white with a sheen. It helps with creativity, decisions, self-expression, insight, and perception.
  6. Aventurine is common. It can be a shade of green or golden brown. It’s a very hard stone. Aventurine helps with creativity, enthusiasm, imagination, and motivation.
  7. Tiger’s Eye is a common stone that is usually brown with golden or red highlights. It’s very hard. Tigers Eye helps with headaches, clear thinking, mental health, passion, and willpower.
  8. Sodalite is one of my favorite stones. It’s common and usually blue with white or gray flecks. Sodalite great for concentration, expression, intelligence, self-trust, emotional healing, and learning.

What do you like to use to boost your creative process? Is there a crystal that you can always count to bust through writer’s block?

Source: Stone Empowerment by Jane Hightower

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