Writers With Mental Illness

Mental Health Book Club

mental health booksI started the Mental Health Book Club to spread mental illness awareness and support authors with mental illness. By pledging $12 a month, patrons will receive one surprise book in the mail a month. Books sent out will…

  • Be written by an author with a mental illness


  • Contain themes of mental illness or mental health

Facebook Group

Patrons are welcome to share their thoughts in the Facebook group as all books will be the same. Books may be gently used and come wrapped with a picture as a hint. They will be sent out on the 6th of the month. Orders shipped outside of the United States may have added shipping fees.

Submit Your Book

book subscription


I’ll also be taking book submissions from authors with mental illness. If you have a book you’d like me to consider adding to the Mental Health Book Club, please don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form below. It can be an effective marketing tactic for your book, and I encourage all readers to write reviews. I also offer author interviews and book reviews. This could be a great way to get engaged readers interested in your book and build a fan base.

If you have a book recommendation to add to the Mental Health Book Club, let me know! I want to send out mental illness books that I know readers will love. Help me do that by recommending books that touched your heart or changed your perspective. There are many books that don’t get mental illness right. Authors often glamorize mental illness or stigmatize it. Those books that do get it right can be life-changing for struggling readers with mental illness. I hope to send out books like these.

By pledging $12 a month, you’ll be supporting authors with mental illness and spreading mental illness awareness. To join the Mental Health Book Club, sign up now on Patreon. You can cancel anytime!

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