Writers With Mental Illness

Writing Resources

Join the Pinterest group board to promote your blog or book

writing resources

Browse The Big List of Paying Mental Health Markets

Read The Plot Whisperer to get your novel just right

Join the Writers With Mental Illness Support Groupwriters with mental illness

Get one free month of Tailwind to grow your author blog

Get your book reviewed

Browses classifieds at Freedom With Writing

Read the Poets&Writers magazine, especially for the contests in the back!

Review tips for bipolar writers

bipolar and writers

Fight writer’s fatigue

Consider healing crystals for writer’s block

Explore writing with depression & anxiety

Check Who Pays Writers

Join Disabled Writers

Try some writing prompts

Find places to submit your writing on Submittable

Get writing critiques on Scribophile

Read this poetry handbook to brush up on your poetry skills

Get clearer writing with the Hemingway app

Make sure your writing is error-free with Grammarly

Check edits made easily with Mergely

Find freelance work on Upwork

Find freelance work on Fiverr

Keep track of your word count with Word Counter

Take writing bird by bird

Check out the Writing Excuses podcast

Use Google Docs to access your writing from any computer

Check Blogging Pro for writing jobs

Read The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published

Get Your Novel Edited For Free!

Hire a writing coach (I’ve read all three of her books, and they were fantastic)

Read The Last Draft to finish editing your book

Browse Media Bistro for writing jobs

Sign up for the mental health book club subscription to be inspired to tell your own story

Read advice from Stephen King

Make a living writing

Write and sell your first novel

Play this storyboarding game

Join Nanowrimo

Explore different ways to make money as a writer

Browse the Problogger job board

Read The Well-Fed Writer

Get your book ready for publication with a professional Manuscript Critique





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