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8 Writers With Schizophrenia And Related Disorders To Support

Schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders have been romanticized, stigmatized, and generally misunderstood by the general public and professionals alike. Readers like to say that having a mental illness must make someone more creative because so many writers have one. But in my experience, my illness makes the writing process much harder most of the time. It is true that some disorders on the schizophrenia and psychotic spectrum are associated with increased creativity and productivity (bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder are an example). However, these benefits come with the dreaded symptoms of depression, inability to focus, and lack of motivation. From disorganized thought to catatonia and mental confusion, writers with schizophrenia and related disorders deal with a whole set of extra barriers that neurotypical writers never even have to consider.

This list includes writers with schizophrenia and related disorders. I put the list together because it’s important to support each other, but I also just love to read other writers who experience life the way I do, and I know there are some who appreciate our unique writing style, as well. This is a running list, so if you’re not on here and you’d like to be, drop a comment below!

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8 Writers With Schizophrenia And Related Disorders:


1. Anthony Sheets is a poet and artist.

He lives with schizoaffective disorder. His first collection of poetry is called Hi Hello Ok Ok? You can find him on Instagram.

schizophrenic writers

2. Carling Mars is a poet, essayist, and novelist.

She is queer, mentally ill (schizoaffective, bipolar type, anxiety), and disabled. She has an upcoming book with Eliezer Tristan Publishing. You can support her on Patreon.

3. Jessica Lavallee is an abstract artist and writer.

She lives with schizoaffective disorder. Her art is actually the featured photo for the blog! You can support her on Patreon.

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4. Esmé Weijun Wang is an essayist and novelist.

She lives with schizoaffective disorder. Her recent book The Collected Schizophrenias is a New York Times Bestseller. You can keep up with her at esmewang.com.

esme wang the collected schizophrenias

5. Syrena M. Clark is a writer, blogger, and artist.

She lives with schizoaffective bipolar Type 1 and co-occurring chronic pain diagnoses and POTS. You can find her at acceptanceandantipsychotics.wordpress.com.

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6. Robin Sinclair is a writer of poetry and short stories.

Robin’s debut book of poetry is called Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls. It’s the featured book for March in the Writers With Mental Illness book club! You have until the end of March to sign up and receive a special message from Robin! You can learn more about Robin at robinsinclairbooks.com.

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7. Elyn R. Saks is an author and professor.

She lives with schizophrenia and teaches at the University of Southern California. Her book, The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness is one of my all-time favorite books. You can learn more about Elyn here.

the center cannot hold

8. (Me!) I’m August Blair, a freelance writer and the girl behind the Writers With Mental Illness Book Club.

I live with schizoaffective disorder, and I write about my life. I’m also working on an autobiographical novel about mental illness and domestic violence. If you’d like to support me, you can do so here. (Thank you!!)

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About The Author:

August Blair is the blogger behind Writers With Mental Illness. She is a freelance writer passionate about writing and mental health. You can find her writing online and in print at Voices of Mental Health, Your Tango, All 4 Women, Peculiars Magazine, The I’Mpossible Project, and more. Connect with her on Instagram and Goodreads.

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