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How To Cope With Body And Food Shaming

For those recovering from eating disorders or disordered eating, it can be tough being around other people who are actively on

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I first heard the term “Monkey Mind” when I was reading a book a few years ago. The term sounded strange to me, bu

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Why Can’t We Focus? Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all busy people. We have things that we’d like to get d

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School can be difficult for everyone. Students with disabilities deal with added stressors in addition to the demands of their

The App That Reminds Me I’m Not Alone

I was diagnosed with a mental illness eight years ago. Asking for help has gotten easier, but I still dislike it. Whether I ne

Why Finding Happiness Was Easier (And Harder) Than I Thought

Not too long ago, I had doubts. Doubts about who I was, what I did in this world, why I was here and if others would l

What’s Next After A Mental Illness Diagnosis

The act of sitting in a psychiatrist’s office is terrifying in and of itself. Receiving a mental illness diagnosis just

Self-Care Challenge 5: Medication Tracker

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did! I first started taking prescription medication in high school. I took Paxil for depr

Self-Care Challenge 4: Let’s Get Physical!

When it comes to self-care, I tend to focus on the mind and spirit. I forget the importance of caring for my body. When I do t

Self-Care Challenge 3: Keeping A Gratitude Journal

Keeping A Record I first started consistently keeping a journal in middle school. It was full of gossip and ideas for outfits.