Writers With Mental Illness

How To Be Inspired As A Writer

So you’re a writer. Awesome. All forms of writing are awesome. Whether you’re a freelance writer, an aspiring author, or just someone who does it as a hobby, writing can be a joy. With that said, it can be a challenge as well, especially when it comes to finding inspiration.
That dreaded writer’s block can happen to anyone, and many writers find it challenging to get past. There is hope, though. Here is how you can get some inspiration as a writer.

Therapy for Writers

Writing can be hard, but if you notice that there is something bigger there preventing you from writing, you should seek help, especially if your issue is due to a traumatic personal experience. Sites including Regain are great for getting the mental healthcare you need. Check them out today. What makes them even better is that online therapy allows you to talk to a therapist on your own time and through your own method of communication.

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It’s a point that has been hammered home to a lot of writers, but people just won’t listen. You can’t be a good writer if you don’t consume content that inspires you. Go to the library and find a good book, read the book of the month, and look for other content that can give you the inspiration you need.

books for writers

Use Your Troubles to Your Advantage

Many people find it difficult to get inspiration because of something they suffer from. Maybe you have depression, or anxiety as a writer, and that can make it difficult for you to get inspiration. Why not try to use your struggles to your advantage? Think of a writing prompt centered around depression, or writer’s block in general.

Take Some Time to Inspire

If you’re looking for inspiration, think of it as an exercise. Just like working out, you set a certain time of the day to be inspired. If there is a place you get inspiration from, like your office or the trees, go there. Set a time limit, as you can sometimes get brilliant ideas when in a crunch. Jot them down, too.
That’s another thing, by the way. If you have an idea, write it down immediately. Sometimes, the idea isn’t going to stay in your mind for long. You have a phone you can use. Alternatively, bring a sheet of notebook paper and a pen with you.

Try New Experiences

It sounds a little bit cliché, but traveling can broaden your own horizons for your writing. Settings for your story, learning about the people around the world, and the experiences you will face while traveling are just a few examples.
With that said, traveling can be costly. However, you don’t have to go far to travel. You can travel to the next town, go to a new location, or just have an exciting staycation. All you need are new locations or experiences to get those creative juices pumping once again.

travel for writing inspiration

Socially Bond

Some writers see themselves as recluses. However, they still need their social needs fulfilled. Seeing the experiences of others and having conversations with them can help your creativity flourish. This includes your own family, too. By planning activities with your family, you can not only help them grow, but it can inspire you too. For ideas, click here or look here.

Free Write

Finally, if all else fails, just write. Let a stream of consciousness come out of you. It may not make sense, and you may cringe at some of the things you write, but there may be a few nuggets of gold hidden in your conscious mind. Try it out and see if it works.

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