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Writing With Depression And Anxiety

Art and Identity It’s a strange thing to consider yourself a vessel for stories; it might not be so strange when, in school,

Why Finding Happiness Was Easier (And Harder) Than I Thought

Not too long ago, I had doubts. Doubts about who I was, what I did in this world, why I was here and if others would l

6 Chilling Mental Illness Artworks

Sometimes words aren’t enough. As a memoirist who writes about my mental illness, I know this truth well. It is frustrat

How My Mental Illness Fuels Me To Help Others

I’ve been suffering from depression for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t truly diagnosed until I was nineteen and i

Reminder: Depression Is REAL

It’s easy to say that someone has “the blues” or they are just “lazy,” letting the world pass them by. It’s easy t

How To Overcome Depression Relapse

Depression Doesn’t Always Look Like You Might Think I have anxiety and mild depression. I am not like the stereotypical

Being A Caregiver With Fibromyalgia & Depression

It was easy to hide the pain of fibromyalgia when I worked full time and was constantly on the go. Hide the limp, hide the gri

What Is Depression And Psychosis?

300 million people worldwide suffer from a depressive disorder, including major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disord

Inside My Life With An Eating Disorder

My Eating Disorder & OCD I read the headline of an article that pretty much said, “How Can Someone Obsessed With Food Be

How Travel Freed My Caged Body and Mind

All chronic illness sufferers know the heart-wrenching impact of watching the person they once were fade into oblivion. As you