Writers With Mental Illness

Writers, Migraines And Mental Illness

migraines and mental illness

I’ve experienced headaches since Elementary school, but it wasn’t until middle school that I began to get migraines. Migraines and mental illness eerily popped up as a package deal in 7th grade. Amid feelings of worthlessness and fatigue, it felt like my head was in a vice that was slowly being squeezed tighter and tighter until…

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What To Do When When No One Understands Your Mental Illness

mental health issues, popped balloon

One thing every single person who has experienced mental health issues can agree on is the loneliness. From depression and anxiety to the more stigmatized disorders on the psychotic spectrum, our symptoms cut us off from others, especially neurotypicals. Neurotypicals have simply never experienced life through our eyes, so they usually have a hard time…

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3 Ways Stigma Hurts Us, According To A Psychologist

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Each time I walk a new class of college students through the history of mental illness and stigma, the shock and revulsion are palpable. We review, horrified together, the successive chapters of our civilization’s attempts to rid itself of mental illness through exorcism, torture, surgical intervention, and neglect. We revisit the cyclical periods of mass…

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