Writers With Mental Illness

What To Do When When No One Understands Your Mental Illness

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One thing every single person who has experienced mental health issues can agree on is the loneliness. From depression and anxiety to the more stigmatized disorders on the psychotic spectrum, our symptoms cut us off from others, especially neurotypicals. Neurotypicals have simply never experienced life through our eyes, so they usually have a hard time…

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Ignorance About Schizoaffective Disorder Is Dangerous

I’m passionate about sharing my story with schizoaffective disorder. I’m adamant that those who struggle with mental illness should not be ashamed. But I can’t just talk the talk; I have to walk the walk. That means writing about my condition even when I want to hide. I am open about my diagnosis, but that doesn’t mean it’s not awkward.…

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Fight Stigma & Share Your Story

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Over on Youtube, Ellie Kay kindly mentioned this blog to her followers as a place where anyone struggling can share their story. She is a lifestyle and beauty blogger who loved Survival is a Talent’s mission to stories our stories to fight stigma. Not only does sharing your story help you process your own emotions and…

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What Mania Feels Like


All at once, the mania is here. Hypomania, specifically, as I have bipolar disorder type two. First, my energy spikes. I’m excited and hopeful, but I’m irritable and angry. My head is flooded with ideas. I’m on my soapbox telling joke after joke, getting mad if someone doesn’t understand me and then laughing hysterically seconds…

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A Photo Diary of Schizophrenia Hallucinations

fish wearing a gas mask

Author’s note: If you have experience schizophrenia hallucinations, paranoia, or get scared easily, these pictures might be triggering. I am not sharing this to scare people, but to raise awareness, explain my “odd” behavior, and de-stigmatize my illness. I want others to know it’s OK to share their experiences, too, no matter how odd or scary they…

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