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Stigma In Schizophrenia Books: January First Book Review

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Even though I was diagnosed in 2015, I am still learning about myself and my brain illness, schizoaffective disorder. Schizophrenia books like Ben Behind His Voices and The Center Cannot Hold help me understand my symptoms. That’s why I picked up January First by Michael Schofield a few weeks ago at Barnes & Noble. I was…

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3 Ways Stigma Hurts Us, According To A Psychologist

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Each time I walk a new class of college students through the history of mental illness and stigma, the shock and revulsion are palpable. We review, horrified together, the successive chapters of our civilization’s attempts to rid itself of mental illness through exorcism, torture, surgical intervention, and neglect. We revisit the cyclical periods of mass…

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This Is Not What Symptoms of Schizophrenia Look Like

I was in a small white room sitting in a chair bolted to the floor. A woman sat in front of me with a clipboard, asking me questions about my symptoms; her straight, black hair falling over her face as she looked down to take notes. A voice seemed to reach out to me from…

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