Survival is a Talent is currently looking for mental health warriors to share their story on our Stories of Survival section. Do you live with a mental illness and have a story to tell? Share your story of survival with our followers! Whether it’s a personal essay or just a simple blog post, our followers want to read it! Living with a mental illness can be isolating, but you are not alone. Sharing your story can be therapeutic and helps chip away at mental illness stigma!

  • What genres are we looking for? We are looking for personal stories about what it’s like to live with a mental illness. We especially love stories that humanize individuals with a “scary” mental illness. We are NOT looking for poetry, short stories, or news articles. As much as we love these genres, our readers want to read about YOU: your experiences, your personal recommendations, and the lessons you’ve learned in your mental health journey.
  • How long does my piece need to be? Around 500 to 1,000 words is a good guideline. If you go below or above and your piece is still well-written, we will still accept it.
  • What do I need to include? Please send a bio of a few sentences in the third person, as well as a photo of yourself. You can include your social media links and website here. However, if you want to publish your piece anonymously, this is totally fine! Just be sure to let us know.
  • Do you have any tips for the piece I submit? Yes! We recommend personal photos, backlinks, quotes, subheadings, and a statistic in each piece. Try to write in short paragraphs because readers online tend to scan before going back and reading the entire piece.
  • Does it pay? No, unfortunately, Survival is a Talent cannot yet pay its contributors, but we think it’s extremely important to pay writers for their work. We have a Patreon set up to raise funds and hopefully be able to do this in the future! Stay tuned! If you’d like to help us reach our goal on Patreon to pay our contributors, please consider sharing our Patreon page!
  • How do I submit my piece? Fill out the contact form below or email us at blogsurvivalisatalent at gmail dot com. We look forward to hearing your unique story!
  • If you want to write about a condition not written about on the blog, you are almost guaranteed a spot our calendar.