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writers with mental illness
Cover Art by Jessica Lavallee

Authors are twice as likely to die by suicide, according to The Atlantic. Writers With Mental Illness is a blog and online community for writers with mental health struggles. This is a safe place to talk about our mental health and support each other.

…But What does Writers With Mental Illness Do?

  • Support emerging writers with mental illness (including neurodivergent writers). Some ways WWMI supports writers is through blog posts, the support group, supporting others on Patreon, author interviews, and book reviews.
  • Raise mental illness awareness and fight stigma through storytelling.
  • Encourage the use of writing as a coping skill for mental health struggles.
  • Offer a  monthly book subscription service that sends out books by writers with mental illness.

(Cover art by Jessica Lavallee)

writers with mental illness

Hi, I’m August Blair, the writer behind Writers With Mental Illness (WWMI).

I live with mental illness. I write about mental illness. As a writer with a mental illness, I have unique struggles and strengths. I created WWMI to talk about those parts of my life and support other emerging mentally ill writers.

Writing is how I make sense of life. It is part of my identity. Mental illness has become a part of who I am, as well. Despite not wanting to be labeled, my diagnosis helps me understand my symptoms and cope with them. It has helped me meet other people who understand me.

Finding a community of people who understand my diagnosis and my love for writing has been a huge blessing, and I wanted to share that blessing. I created WWMI for those of us who live with mental illness and love to write. I wanted to support writers with mental illness and provide a place to share our stories and fight stigma.

Big thanks to Abby Whittredge, Daniel Watts, Emily Deibler, Jessica Lavallee, Carling Mars, Angela Gray, and John T. Dylan for supporting Writers With Mental Illness on Patreon!

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